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Businesses & Individuals Grow your business with confidence through an scalable and on demand fleet at your disposal.
Enterprises A cost-efficient solution with customizable technology thats turns your logistics into a marketing tool.

How do we get ship done?

Our technology connects a community of independent drivers with businesses that need an on demand, cost-efficient logistic solution, for same day delivery, reverse logistics, restocking, and even scheduled operations.
Tecnología para maximizar tu logística

Technology to maximize your logistics

We provide an API and tools that allow businesses to create their own end to end delivery experience, managing dispatching, optimizing and controlling every detail in their daily shippings and supply chain.
comunidad de conductores calificada

A qualified community of drivers

We bring together a community that’s willing to fix logistics, using our technology. Our couriers, also known as Shippers, have the necessary skills to fulfill a high-quality delivery.
en el momento adecuado. Na hora certa para o seu cliente.

At the right time for your customer

Our real time technology helps our drivers to perform better and have direct communication with customers to deliver parcels and successful experiences. The right time is achieved with perfect coordination among couriers, operators and end clients.
Our Standard We are the new operating system for last mile logistics, connecting online and offline processes to help companies build a unique prime experience for their customers on top of our platform.
DASHBOARD Omnichannel access to manage and configure your whole logistics processes and key insights
INTERACTIVE TRACKING Customers interact with couriers, detecting frauds and taking actions to fix miss information, beyond tracking.
PROOF OF DELIVERY Couriers send photos and signatures to validate the delivery at every step of a delivery.
FLEXIBLE FARES We have variety of options for same day and next day delivery that let you reduce costs.
SECURITY Your packages are completely covered with protocols that fit your needs.
SMART ROUTING Plan and schedule smart routes in advance, optimizing prices while you grow.
More than 1613 companies over Latin America trust in us to solve their daily logistics
Our stories Learn about our experiences doing deliveries around Latin America, helping hundreds of businesses put their products on the hands of their customers. We want to talk to you about our challenges, the stories of our community and how our technology is innovating in the logistics industry.
From the winery to your glass Nuestras historias The founder of a thriving online wine club created in Belo Horizonte talked to us about how his business have evolved from its beginnings.
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Innovation towards smart cities Nuestras historias How crowdsourced methods, applied along with Shippify’s technology, are becoming the backbone for same day delivery and last mile logistics in Latin America.
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Our role in the 4° Industrial Revolution Nuestras historias Shippify is part of the on demand and digital economy era, given that it uses technology to empower a crowdsourced community.
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Turn your shipping into a memorable experience
From startups to big retails; shipping a product to the doorbell of a customer should be an unforgettable memory, turning that delivery into a new future sale. We bring a community of on-demand ambassador of your brand at your convenience.
Do what you love Casa Rio Verde Innovación Urbana Casa Rio Verde Innovación Urbana Our role in the 4° Industrial Revolution Casa Rio Verde Da horta à sua porta em minutos Da horta à sua porta em minutos comunidad de conductores carrefour shippify carrefour shippify casa-rio-verde shippify casa-rio-verde shippify nextel shippify nextel shippify buscape shippify buscape shippify falabella shippify falabella shippify rede shippify rede shippify


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